Ultra Ceramic Coat

Key Features:

  • Ultra slick for the most hydrophobic surface
  • Extreme gloss
  • Up to 4x thicker than most ceramic coatings on the market
  • 9H hardness for extreme durability
  • Max protection against harmful water spots
  • UV protection
  • Perfect for automotive and marine use
  • 5 Yr Warranty (2 Yr below water line)
  • Made in the USA


Safety Measures:

- Hand Protection - Wear suitable gloves to prevent skin contact
- Eye Protection - Wear eye/face protection to prevent eye irritation
- Respiratory Protection - Work in well ventilated area. Wear respiratory equipment in case of insufficient ventilation.
- Avoid heat, direct sunlight, and sources of ignition.


50ml - 00816761021136
275ml - 00816761021143

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DuraBrite Testimonial

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

I needed more light on my 28’ Worldcat for heading offshore early AM on a regular basis and the factory lights just weren’t cutting it for me. I put a Mini Spot on the front and a Mini Flood aft, for cockpit lighting. It is unbelievable how bright these lights are! Absolutely amazing! We are so impressed with them and have just installed 2 Minis and 3 Nanos on one of our cranes for working at night! Great folks to work with and a truly amazing product line. That is absolutely the best in high performance LED lighting! -Sam I.

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