DuraBrite Warranty Policy

Release Date:  09/01/2023

Standard Limited Warranty

DuraBrite products identified on Schedule A are warranted to be free of material and workmanship defects during the applicable Warranty Period. Purchases of Schedule A products made directly through our website are covered by our Standard Limited Warranty as indicated respectively. Products purchased through an authorized DuraBrite reseller, installer, dealer, distributor, or agent are also covered by this Standard Limited Warranty provided that such products are sold in new condition and in their original packaging. Proof of original purchase for a Product must be available for the Product to be covered by warranty.

Schedule A

 Series Standard Limited Warranty When Installed by Certified Installer Approved to Offer Full Lifetime Warranty
Pro, Mini, & Nano Series 10 Years
Full Lifetime Warranty
Nano Sport Series 5 Years
5 Years
Explorer Series (X7 & X16) 5 Years*
5 Years*
AC Adapters 7 Years
7 Years

*Batteries (external or internal) shall carry a 3 year limited warranty


The Standard Series has a 5-year warranty. It has been discontinued and therefore is not included in the chart above.

Lights purchased before Sept 2023 are covered by our previous warranty policy. The warranty policy for those batches has the same coverage, the difference being how many years they are covered for. If your model was purchased before Sept 2023, see the length of coverage below:

  • Pro, Mini, and Nano Series: 5-year coverage
  • Nano Sport: 2-year coverage
  • Explorer Series (X7 & X16): 2-year coverage

Full Lifetime Warranty

Full Lifetime Warranty is available IF AND ONLY IF the indicated Schedule A products are purchased from and installed by Certified DuraBrite Installers that are approved to make such an offer. DuraBrite products are extremely reliable and durable but such extreme reliability and durability can only be achieved when installed correctly.

To obtain Full Lifetime Warranty, DuraBrite requires that the qualifiable products be installed ONLY by Certified Installers with substantial experience dealing with DuraBrite products. Such qualified Certified Installers attain the Platinum Certified Installer level only after they have successfully installed Qty200 or more DuraBrite with no failure as a result of installation workmanship.

Alternately, Certified Installers who have not yet attained the Platinum level, may choose to purchase a Lifetime Warranty insurance, if they desire to offer Full Lifetime Warranty to their customers. These Certified Installers, upon attaining the Platinum level, will be able to offer Full Lifetime Warranty thereafter without paying for the insurance per order.

If you are eligible for the Full Lifetime Warranty, register your light(s) here: Lifetime Warranty Registration Form

Extent of Full Lifetime Warranty Coverage

Full Lifetime Warranty offers the same terms as the Standard Limited Warranty, but for the lifetime of the product, unless the product is discontinued and pulled from production. The Full Lifetime Warranty will cover the cost of transportation for all domestic shipments.

Not all Certified Installers can offer Full Lifetime Warranty.

All Certified Installers who are able to offer Full Lifetime Warranty will be indicated as such in our Certified Installer Directory within the Lifetime Warranty Registration Form. If your installer is not listed as an option on that form, then they are not able to offer Full Lifetime Warranty.


Photo documentation of the installation, including the location, how wiring is done, how waterproofing is done, and the specific defects or issue you are experiencing, is required for any Warranty Repair. DuraBrite, at its own discretion, may refuse to repair the product under Warranty if insufficient evidence is received. 

Please note - we can always tell when a Product was mis-wired directly to an AC power source due to the distinct signatures in the circuitry that will reveal this error, so please, BE HONEST.

How to Obtain Service

To obtain the benefit of our warranty policies, fill out the Repair Request Form and submit for approval. Upon approval, a pre-paid return label will be provided for domestic returns. International returns do not qualify for a pre-paid return label. All warranty claims must be approved by DuraBrite before return. 

What We Will Do to Correct Problems

Warrantied products will be repaired or replaced, at DuraBrite’s sole discretion, and returned at no charge. 

What is Not Covered

Failure due to damaged packaging, acts of God, negligence, abuse, improper installation, power surges or fluctuations, weak or insufficient battery power source, seal tampering, unauthorized repair, unauthorized transfer, or normal wear and tear are not covered by this warranty.

DuraBrite shall not be responsible for any incidental or consequential damages. DuraBrite is also not responsible for international return shipping fees.

While LEDs have excellent optical maintenance compared to other illumination technologies, they will still dim over time, based on number of hours of use and ambient temperature of application. This natural dimming characteristic due to aging is considered wear and tear and is not considered a defect and hence is not covered.

  • Damaged Packaging. Damage to Product packaging during shipping is not covered by this Warranty Policy.
  • Acts of God. Events such as lightning strikes, hurricanes, tornadoes, fire, other natural disasters, and events not caused by people such as animals tampering or damaging the units.
  • Abuse. Abuse may include recklessness, completely submerging the Product in bodies of water, exposure to excessive hazards, drop induced damage, and/or damage beyond the limits of normal wear and tear.
  • Improper installation. Installation to an improper power source that does not comply with datasheet specification (e.g. an AC power, or DC power voltage that is above or below the allowable threshold specified in the model’s datasheet). Miswiring (e.g. connecting the positive, negative, or ground wire incorrectly), degradation of the power source (e.g. a dying battery not able to maintain output voltage), improperly sealed cable harness and wire splicing from water intrusion, improperly sealed ground connection or ground connection exposed to the elements, pinched cables (either cable jacket or internal wire sleeves), ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) damage (e.g. installer handling / installing luminaire without proper grounding procedure especially during dry winter months), lack of proper heat dissipation (e.g. heatsink being covered by accident or intentionally or light being installed in a space that lacks sufficient convective ventilation).
  • Power surges/fluctuations. When the power source does not provide stable power input to the luminaire, causing strain and damage to the fuses or control board of the unit. DuraBrite Engineering shall have the final determination based on physical evidence upon examination of the circuitry.
  • Weak or Insufficient Battery Power Source. When the luminaire is connected to a battery that’s aging or aged and has difficulty to supply a DC voltage above 10VDC or one that lacks cranking power to supply sufficient startup current, causing strain and damage to the fuses or control board of the unit. DuraBrite Engineering shall have the final determination based on physical evidence upon examination of the circuitry.
  • Seal Tampering. Seal tampering means any removal of the gore vent, removal of any screws and/or any other actions that compromise the integrity of the overall water‐tight seal of the luminaire. Attempting to open the unit to repair will also void any warranty policy.
  • Unauthorized Repair. Unauthorized repair includes any repair service or modification not authorized or performed by DuraBrite.
  • Unauthorized Transfer. Unauthorized transfer may include theft, improper possession or any other transfer of title, ownership or possession. Claims processed without adequate proof of purchase or chain of title from DuraBrite or an authorized reseller will be considered unauthorized transfers, and therefore cannot be covered by any warranty policy.
  • Normal wear and tear. Normal wear and tear includes but is not limited to discoloration, scratches, minor cracks, slight distortion, minor material disintegration, rust, haze and moisture build up that does not impede the proper function of the Product. Commonly, our products are used in the most demanding applications and environments. Under these conditions and over time, the DuraBrite product may experience normal wear and tear and require service. While normal wear & tear is not considered a "defect" and is not covered by the DuraBrite Warranty, it is our goal to get your light back in service as soon as possible and at a reasonable cost. You may fill out and submit a Repair Request Form for repair approval should you desire to address these issues. 

If you suspect your Product falls under one of the above scenarios and may not be covered by a warranty policy, you may still fill out and submit a Repair Request Form for repair approval. Please be aware, shipping fees and repair fees will apply to units not covered by a warranty policy.

Full Lifetime Warranty only applies to the Original Owner whose lights are purchased and installed by an Approved Certified Installer. Proof of purchase must be provided to obtain Full Lifetime and Standard Limited Warranty Coverage.

No Other Express Warranty Applies

No employee, agent, dealer, installer or other person is authorized to alter this warranty or make any other warranty on behalf of DuraBrite.

More on DuraBrite Full Lifetime Warranty

DuraBrite offers a comprehensive Full Lifetime Warranty to support products purchased under the DuraBrite brand from Certified Installers with preapproval to offer such coverage. Any Product removed from the original installation and reinstalled by a noncertified installer will void the Full Lifetime Warranty.

Defects in Materials or Workmanship

It is our experience that a product that fails prematurely due to a manufacturing defect in materials or workmanship, will generally do so very early in the product life cycle, often within the first 4 weeks the product is used. When returned for inspection, these products are generally found to still be in like new condition and show very little signs of use. It is uncommon for a product that was manufactured with a defect, to survive under normal use for any extended period of time. Products that are returned for warranty inspection after months or years of continuous reliable service are rarely found to be defective. The most common demand for service is the result of normal wear and tear issues, power source degradation or instability issue, or improper sealing leading to water ingress over a period of time, which are not considered a defect in materials or workmanship and will not be covered by warranty.

Not Working “Right Out of the Box”

From time to time, DuraBrite receives claims that the product does not work right out of the box. This can simply not be the case because every DuraBrite product is tested thoroughly 100% prior to packing. The common issue is the installer powered the luminaire using AC power by mistake, disregarding the Warning, damaging the control circuitry. AC power damage results in distinct signature that can easily be identified upon opening up the unit. If you are not sure whether your power source is AC or DC, please consult a local technician or have a Certified Installer install the light for you.