AC Adapters

Optional AC Adapter. Available for the Pro, Standard Mini, and Nano. 

AC Input from 90VAC to 305VAC for all adapter models.

If you are using this AC/DC converter (aka power supply), you must install a switch on the DC side of the power supply. In other words, you will need a switch to be installed between the light and the power supply. The light switch must be turned on, only after the power supply is already powered. This will prevent a pass-thru surge induced damage that could take place in some electric systems.

If it happens, you will find that the light will only take a low voltage (e.g. 4.5V) instead of 24V and the driver board inside the light has already been damaged. This damage will not be covered by warranty as of August 1st, 2020.


GTIN for AC Adapters:
HLG-480H-24 (Pro) - 00816761020207
HLG-320H-24 (Standard) - 00816761020245
HLG-185H-24 (Mini) - 00816761020672
HLG-60H-24 (Nano) - 00816761020689

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DuraBrite Testimonial

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

I needed more light on my 28’ Worldcat for heading offshore early AM on a regular basis and the factory lights just weren’t cutting it for me. I put a Mini Spot on the front and a Mini Flood aft, for cockpit lighting. It is unbelievable how bright these lights are! Absolutely amazing! We are so impressed with them and have just installed 2 Minis and 3 Nanos on one of our cranes for working at night! Great folks to work with and a truly amazing product line. That is absolutely the best in high performance LED lighting! -Sam I.

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