DuraBrite GO

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Starting from 2021, this item can only be bought from our Authorized Dealers. White label build and customization is available.

No electrical power? No problem.

Our innovative engineers have answered the calls for portable, high-performance, low-draw LED lighting solutions. Weighing just under 20 lbs, our portable light merges the popular Mini attributes with the addition of four mounted legs, a military grade housing, and a secure bolted handle for convenient rugged portability.

    • 16,670 raw lumens
    • Smooth dimming technology
    • Shock and vibration proof
    • Ruggedized and lightweight
    • IP65 waterjet resistant 
    • 8 hrs battery life*
    • Integrated battery meter
    • Toggle switch for instant max optical output
    • 5 year limited warranty

Available Customized Options (please inquire factory)

    • Highly resistant ceramic coated exterior 
    • Bulletproof front glass 
    • Strobing function 
    • Custom handle design
    • Colored filters

* At approx. 80% max optical output at 75F ambient. When used at max optical output continuously, it will maintain at its peak for more than 360min at 75F !  Note that battery life will vary widely with application ambient condition, charge and discharge conditions as well as number of cycles. A reduction in battery life should be expected. This natural degradation is not covered by the standard warranty terms. Please contact us to inquire about your battery replacement needs.