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There are two kinds of LED chips in terms of "look." First, we have domed chips with a silicone dome lens on top of the lighting element. Then, you have flat chips, with a bunch of small LED chips made to look like a one big LED.

Both kinds usually have a ~120-degree beam angle, unless a domed version has a special design for narrower lighting. The wide beams just can't deliver high intensity light, the results are too scattered, cause glare, or can't hit the target. That's just not good enough when you are dealing with choppy seas or pitch black nights.

DuraBrite lights are famous for being BRIGHT - it's in our name! That's all thanks to our highly engineered optical collimator. What is that? All you need to know is that it can turn a 120-degree beam into a heavy duty 25 degree spot beam, as soon as you hit that switch. When combined with our high powered chips, the results are out of this world - clean and crisp light that hits your target, even in the roughest conditions.

Depending where you install your lighting, especially if you have a low roof, T-top, or lighting mount, some lights will still hit your ship's bow, causing glare at night, even with a 25-degree spot. To solve this problem, we offer an externally mounted glare shield, to give you the control you need. This shield cuts off the bottom portion of the light, completely eliminating bow glare.

For floodlights, we kept the spot optics collimator but also added a diffusing element on top. That's the best of both worlds - a flood light with a strong punch, unlike the competition whose floodlights have a wide beam angle but with no range. The end result is a rock solid 76-degree flood beam that can go as wide or as deep as you need it. You can even access these features if you own a luminaire with a spot beam. Switching your light from spot to flood is as easy as installing our external flood lens, which give you the same effect as an internally installed diffuser.

Finally, strong optics aren't always what you need: depending on the situation, it can be overkill. That's why we developed dimming options for all DurarBrite models: so you can dial in the exact output you need.

DuraBrite isn't your average lighting provider. We are passionate creators building lights to suit your needs, whether a spot or flood beam.

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