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A beer in your hand, a tug on the line, and the surf crashing against your boat: fishing is your passion, and it's what drives you to rise at 3 AM for another day on the water. While exhilarating, it can also be incredibly challenging. Whether targeting tuna, mahi-mahi, or marlin, having the right equipment is essential to maintain the momentum.

First, you find your fish. While a fish finder can guide you, Mother Nature doesn't always cooperate and those waters can get real choppy, real fast. Conditions change on a dime and you must keep up and be prepared. You're already on your way and you're not turning back just yet.

Next, you find your spot, but you need to set up your tackle, and the bigger the fish, the more bait you need. Even with ample chum, that might not be enough to make your prized fish stick around. So you flick on your lights, you stretch out, enjoy the serenity of the open ocean, and wait for bait fish to come to you before netting a few and casting your line. Now, you wait.

Then, all of a sudden, you feel a bite on your rod! You start reeling it in and notice it's a big one and puts up quite the fight. He's got you scrambling across the deck to keep up. You see it break the water's surface and you know you're close. If you don't have the right lights, you'll struggle to see what you're doing, hindering your chances of success. Whether you're using a net, a gaff, or just a good ol' fashion reel to drag it onboard, you know the importance of keeping your eyes on the prize.

Then, finally, after a 9-round fight, you got'em. You snap a few pictures and make your way back to shore in no hurry to race the sun, guided by your GPS, radar, and boat lights, feeling fulfilled by a day well spent.

The DuraBrite Approach

Here at DuraBrite, we love fishing. That's why we came up with a line of lights to help fishermen like you up your game, helping you land the trip's big catch, without having to explain a sprained ankle when you get back home.

Our lights cut the guess work out of dark, early morning or evening trips when it's best time to fish, so you can hit open waters with confidence. Our spot lights use high powered LEDs, that make sure you can see everything from the minute you leave the marina. Our amber optics even cut through the patch of fog you drive through from time to time.

Better yet, when it comes time to fish, our flood optics provide the wide spread you need, not just to light up your deck like high noon, but also the area around your boat, so you can gameplan and see what's going on under those waves.

As if that wasn't enough, our beams light up the water so deeply, that they draw out bait fish like nobody's business. Chum's fine, live baits are better, but DuraBrite lights? They'll seal the deal! We can't count how many stories we've heard from fishermen like you, who couldn't believe how many live bait fish came rushing by their boats as soon as they hit the switch on their DuraBrite spot. Better yet, live baits you pour into the water just swim AWAY from you while the DuraBrite is like a gigantic Bait Magnet that pulls a ton of bait fish to come to you! And you know as well as we do, once you've got the bait fish around your boat, the big game fish are up next. That means, odds are, you'll be the one catching that prize marlin or tuna. Don't take it from us, Paul Herbert and Dave Marciano, our friends over at Wicked Tuna, use this trick all the time. Now you know why their boats use our lights !

Plus, while catching that fish is priority #1, when it comes to getting back to shore, DuraBrite lights will give you the peace of mind and ambient light to wind the day's trip down. Take the dimming on the Nano deck light for example: it lets you dial in the exact amount of on-deck light you need when docked, so you can enjoy the rest of the evening in style, not lit up like the 4th of July.

All DuraBrite lights are beautifully crafted and designed to complement your boat. In fact, they are so good we are a Red Dot Design Winner in the Lighting Category. None of our peers have ever won a prestigious award like that. Besides, they are easy to install, thanks to the DC architecture: simply connect positive to positive; negative to negative.

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