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Fishing is a tough job - you know it and we know it. The wild situations regular folks see on shows like Deadliest Catch and Nat Geo's Wicked Tuna are just a taste of what top notch fishermen like you deal with, each and every single day. Working out at sea is incredibly demanding: you and your crew face soaking wet decks, corrosive sea water, giant waves, burning sun, and freezing cold mornings. Fishermen like you need to get the job done, safe and quick, and you need powerful, reliable lighting as soon as you flip the switch: lights that "just work" when you need to look for buoys to collect your catch. Light that warns you so you can avoid any obstacles.

Your job means you need to be on deck, pulling cages, sorting catches, banding claws, or just cleaning up one more mess, and usually, the sun just isn't shining bright enough to get that done. Throw in sky high fuel costs, and the last thing you need is to burn extra fuel, eating into your bottom line. We're here to help.

The Durabrite Approach

At DuraBrite, we "get it" - you don't have time to be fiddling with lights when you've got work to do. That's why we created an all-original line of marine lights to help you deal with the challenges you face on the job. Our lights are easy to install and high powered, without needing a ton of juice. They turn on as soon as you hit the switch, with no warm up time, and unlike sodium lights, they'll stay bright for years. They'll be there for you on your toughest days, giving you the peace of mind you need to do your job, without crazy maintenance costs.

Marine grade lighting doesn't mean throwing a white paint job on any light and calling it a day - it means redesigning lighting from the ground up. That's why our engineers tapped into their decades of technical expertise and experience designing reliable products for defense, aerospace, and space applications. Building on this, we chose some of the same materials used on planes and tanks for our marine lights, to deliver the performance and durability you need under extreme conditions. Then, we designed and implemented an industry pioneering feature - waterproof breathability, to keep temperature stable, heat dissipating, and the seals intact for life.

We thoroughly researched a ton of LED chips, choosing premium high powered chips to achieve maximum throw (optical distance). We then performed extensive simulation and validation tests on each model, giving you plenty of margins in terms of mechanical stress, electrical operation, and thermal dissipation, all to deliver and industry-leading product.

That's why DuraBrite's Pro, Standard, and Mini series are the gold standard in commercial marine lighting. Our lights are modern looking, rugged, light weight, and deliver superior real world power and clarity, all so fishermen like you can get the job done.

Fun Facts:
- DuraBrite developed a space-grade electronics soldering process (J-Std-001 Space Addendum) to eliminate voids in the LED chip attachments, ensuring there are no possible hot spots within each chip, maximizing durability
- DuraBrite invented a new board architecture (US Patent 9,648,750) to minimize thermal resistance, allowing heat to be dissipated from the LEDs to the heatsink in the most efficient way possible
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