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Industrial setting feature a unique set of challenges and circumstances that are often just as difficult to manage as those faced in marine environments and in law enforcement situations. Here at DuraBrite, we believe every environment, requirement and job is unique and that each one warrants its own best solution.

Unfortunately, the lighting industry, for the most part, has it backwards. Lights are "designed" first with minimum client input, meaning customers can only choose from standardized offerings that aren't perfectly matched to their needs. Besides, they say: "most jobs are too small," meaning big brands have no desire to consider specific client needs or ideas, and zero enticement to customize lighting to suit a specific end application. There just isn't any financial incentives to do so.

As a result, users like you are forced to sample countless makes and models, based on your own technical understanding, to try to find the best possible match for your needs. If you're lucky, you might find something "good enough". Otherwise, you will be forced to install a product you aren't 100% happy with, only to be stuck with those lights for the long term. Worse, these products will keep failing every few months because they just weren't designed to withstand the harsh environment you work in, potentially even causing a workplace hazard, due to a sudden lack of lighting.

The DuraBrite Approach

DuraBrite specializes in high mix low volume designs, thanks to our aerospace and space industry pedigree. Our in-house Engineering team is extremely versatile and will look into your unique needs to come up with a corresponding solution that's tailor made for your job site.

Our production lines and manufacturing cells are designed from the ground up to support this level of customization, and can rapidly adapt to design variants and custom build requirements. In the initial design stage, we can also prototype new solutions - not only 3D printing, but also near production grade hardware - so both parties can review and test the lighting, ensuring that the solution we deliver is exactly what you need, all prior to manufacturing.

We'll conduct tests covering extreme temperatures, thermal shock cycling, random and sinusoidal vibration, drop test, water resistance test, electrical characterization for a wide range of voltage and current, power cycling, as well as burn-in or life tests. Our contracted labs can also complete optical characterization, EMI testing, and explosion proof testing, as necessary.

Best of all, our Original Collection consists of 3 main mechanical architectures: Pro, Mini, and Nano. These lighting solutions range from large to small, meaning a customized model can be developed with only a few slight changes to the LED board, the control circuitry, or both, building on our standard product lines.

The end result? A highly tailored solution delivered within a relatively short timeframe, to support your needs.

Supported industrial settings include but are not limited to:

  • High and low bays with extreme temperatures
  • Manufacturing facilities with precise lighting needs
  • Snow removal vehicles with heavy salt exposure
  • Power line maintenance and repair
  • Excavator and similar construction equipment
  • Mining equipment and related site equipment
  • Off-grid locations
  • Forestry
  • Hangars of varying heights (e.g. curved roof)
    but with uniform lighting requirement

Product Testing Examples

Safe. Durable. Dependable.

We know that in many industrial settings, lighting failures can lead to substantial delays, due to the special equipment and scaffolding needed to reach and replace out of the way, defective lights. That's not even accounting for the cost of the ensuing down time, and obviously, any associated safety issues.

That's why DuraBrite will review and assess each potential use case with you and use a safety design margin that's right for your needs. For specific applications, we may even offer Lifetime Warranty. That's how confident we are with our Engineered Solutions.

Protect Your People & Your Work Environment

Contact us to learn more about our safe and durable lighting solutions built for industrial environments. We’re proud to offer our customers direct access to our engineering team to discuss their requirements and needs so we can support their unique situations.

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