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DuraBrite Provides FDNY with the industry’s most advanced Portable lighting

When FDNY was looking for upgraded portable lighting solutions, several factors like performance, efficiency, brightness, functionality, lifespan, durability and price come into play.

1. Durability and Reliability: Firefighters work in harsh and challenging environments with extreme temperatures, smoke, and water exposure. Lighting equipment needs to be rugged and reliable to withstand these conditions without failing. The Explorer X7 and X16 are built to perform in the harshest circumstances on the planet. The lights were proven to withstand both high and low temps, intense vibration, impact, salt water corrosion, water intrusion, and smoke.

2. Bright and Focused Illumination: In emergency situations, visibility is crucial. Lights should provide bright and focused beams to help firefighters see clearly in dark or smoky areas. The Explorer series lights provide both 20-degree optical beam patterns for distance and 80-degree beams for scene lighting scenarios. The 20-degree Spot beam proved effective in lighting high-rise building that reached over 500 feet tall.

3. Long Battery Life: Firefighters often have to work for extended periods of time, especially during emergencies. They need lights with long-lasting battery life to ensure they don't run out of power in those critical moments. The Explorer X16 Portable light provided full max brightness for 8 hours on a single charge. Often the light was too bright, so the firefighters dimmed them down for extended run times of up to 24 hrs.

4. Water and Heat Resistance: Firefighters deal with water hoses and high temperatures. Lights with suitable water and heat resistance can continue to function optimally in these conditions. With a long history of harsh environment electrical design, the DuraBrite lights performed flawlessly in extremely high and low temps, salt water environments, heavy downpours and water jets exposure, high vibration and even drop testing.

5. Hands-Free Options: Firefighters need their hands to be free to handle equipment and rescue victims. The Explorer X7 portable light can easily be mounted and removed from equipment in seconds with a host of different options including suction cup, magnet, rail ties, tripods, and more.

6. Lightweight and Ergonomic Design: Carrying heavy equipment can be overbearing, so firefighters appreciate lightweight and ergonomic lighting solutions that won't hinder their movements. The Explorer X7 was a favorite among the firemen for its low weight of 5lbs and small form factor, allowing for a one person carry.

7. Multiple Lighting Modes: Different situations may require different levels of illumination. Lights with multiple modes (e.g., high, medium, low, strobe) offer flexibility to adapt to various scenarios. Both DuraBrite Explorer models offer a full range of functionality including dual mode light temps, spot to flood optics, and color changing options with strobing and flashing modes.

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