Protect Your Investment at a Fraction of Its Cost

Beautiful Custom Fit Design

  • You invest(ed) in DuraBrite lights, and now there is a way to keep them looking new for years to come!

  • Not that our lighting products really need it, as they are already built like a tank. But simply put on the DuraCover to help retain that pristine factory fresh look you are always after, forever ! 

  • For boaters, use it off-season. For truck and Jeep owners, use it to protect your lights from rock chips and dirt until you are ready to show off your prized possession. 

  • DuraCover is made out of the best material that is impact, UV, and tear resistant. Material is silky smooth, elastic, and stays resilient over a wide temperature range and in extreme marine conditions. 
  • You simply clean it with soap and water and it will look brand new again. 
  • Note 1: This product is currently available in Black only. White is under development (we are very picky about the color). 

  • Note 2: This will fit the Mini Series and the Explorer X16.


GTIN for DuraCover: 00816761021051

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  • Regular price $ 65.00

DuraBrite Testimonial

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Great personable customer service the owner is absolutely hands on with his customers. They sell you what you need not what they need to sell and by far the brightest and most reliable lights in the fleet. -Robert R.

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