Durabrite #SaveMaineLobstermen Campaign

Durabrite #SaveMaineLobstermen Campaign

When DuraBrite first opened its doors, we were targeting the oil and gas industries which were at the time, on an economic down turn. When out of sheer luck and knowing a friend of a friend, one commercial fisherman decided to take a chance on our product and install a couple of Standard Series lights on his vessel. He absolutely loved the lights and how they easily put halogen or high-pressure sodium lights to shame. Because the fishing community is a tight knit one, word spread like wildfire, and soon we found ourselves fulfilling orders for other fishermen, most of which were located in Maine.

Over the past 10 years, every time without fail, it was the support of Maine fishermen that solidified our presence in the marine industry. Because of this connection to the Maine fishing community, we have gotten to know our customers on a name by name basis. They’ve told us their stories, we’ve developed our products to better serve them, and many of them have become our friends, and so our investment in Maine lobstermen is a personal one.

DuraBrite would not be the DuraBrite you know today without Maine lobstermen. We want to reinvest in the community that invested in us. We are all in it together !

Therefore, we have pledged to show our support by creating a special line dedicated to this community

20% of the proceeds from all #SaveMaineLobstermen (aka SML) editions will be donated to the Maine Lobster Association. 


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