PSE&G Case Study

PSE&G Case Study


Millions of people rely on PSE&G, New Jersey’s largest provider of electric and natural gas services, to power and heat their homes and businesses. Before we started working with PSE&G, the energy company illuminated its power generation facility with lights produced by a well-known global manufacturer that continuously missed the mark.


The problem? The incumbent model used traditional high-pressure sodium technology with electronics mounted on top of the light, and they would fail just months after each installation. You can imagine how costly and time-consuming the repairs were for the company — installing scaffolding, renting specialized cherry picker lifts, and shutting down zones of the facility to let temperatures cool down prior to repairing and replacing lights gets expensive.

Essentially, the total cost of ownership for that lighting product was so high it forced PSE&G to find a suitable replacement.


PSE&G’s power generation facility required durable lighting that could operate continuously in a high bay environment that reaches temperatures as high as 200 degrees Fahrenheit — capabilities most models by lighting manufacturers lack.

The company’s Head of Facility and Head of Engineering evaluated several makes and models until they came across DuraBrite. After discussing PSE&G’s technical requirements, we modified our Pro Series HT (High Temperature) so the product could deliver the facility’s need for continuous, reliable operation under ultra-high temperatures.


Our team also worked closely with PSE&G’s technical personnel and their installation contractors to design a custom power solution to interface with their legacy power architecture, eliminating the need to change their original power source.

The difference in light and product quality was night and day, with the Head of Facility commenting, “there is nowhere to hide now!” The very first sample we supplied to the client surpassed 61,000 hours of operation under extreme temperatures, saving the energy company a significant amount of time and money post installation.