Sport MIni

Sport MIni


  • Captain Steve

    I have had 3 durabrite sports on my boat for 2 seasons. They are a great price and great quality and they have great customer service. Never had any issues and wouldn’t think I would ever need a brighter light. Perfect for fishing at night or running at night to light up objects in the water.

  • Eric Mosman

    I have purchased a few models over the years for different applications. I have a Sport Mini for my boat and Nano for work trucks, the performance and durability of these lights are top notch. Whether it be navigating a difficult inlet after a long night of fishing or illuminating a work are so we can complete our jobs Durabrite products have never let me down.

  • Robert Truken

    When the tug boat Captain calls you on the radio at 2:00am and asks if the guy with the bright light has a copy, you know that you bought the best. He was 6 miles away in Long Island Sound. And he asks what kind of light that I had. You guys are the cats ass!

  • Shawn Richard Moore

    The customer service I received from the owner to the head engineer (Tony) was first class. I sent a standard series 24v light in for repair and Tony turned it around in two days! Also, they do what they say they will do….hard to find these days.

    Thanks Mike and Tony!

    Shawn – Maine

  • Kenny B.

    Hey Tony I got my light yesterday! Like it a lot will be sending pics soon! We absolutely love everything from the shipping box to the light! Nothing but the best!!

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