DuraBrite is the clear choice for tactical lighting applications where safety is your highest priority. As part of the United States Air Force (USAF)’s Small Business Innovation Research program, DuraBrite has provided its portable Explorer product series to three Air Force bases in the United States and Germany.

DuraBrite applied for Air Force Pitch Day and was selected from over 100 applicants to present its innovative lighting technology to a panel of judges made up of U.S. Air Force representatives.

Air Force Pitch Days provide small businesses with opportunities to present their products and services to Air Force decision makers. The result? Fort McGuire Air Force Base in Burlington, MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, and Ramstein Air Base in Ramstein-Miesenbach, Germany, all purchased DuraBrite’s Explorer products.

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Our portable Explorer X16 light weighs under 20 pounds and can be operated easily by a single officer. It illuminates two full acres, running for more than seven hours on a single charge and offloading almost 800 watts of power to charge small devices like cell phones, laptops, iPads and digital cameras.

This light's high-tech features include full stealth infra-red, dazzler strobes, Bluetooth connectivity and operational controls. DuraBrite built this product with government, law enforcement, and military applications in mind, patenting core technology that sets it apart from the competition in terms of output, efficiency, portability, and ruggedness.


DuraBrite delivered these Air Force orders within 24 hours, and President Michael Morris personally transported the orders to the Fort McGuire Air Force Base as part of our company’s commitment to supporting our armed forces.

Air Force representatives have reported that some of our lights were deployed in South Asia, others will be used for ground maintenance purposes, including daily maintenance and night time aircraft refueling.

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