DuraBrite's Pedigree

DuraBrite's key Engineering staff are highly trained power electronics designers that hold a substantial number of US patents, with decades of experience thanks to their time at Sensitron Semiconductor, a major DuraBrite shareholder. The products they’ve designed are currently used in mission critical fighter jets, commercial airliners, satellites, submarines, and deep sea communication arrays that are expected to last for 30 years. Chances are you are already indirectly using their products when you watch TV, send emails, or fly to see family and friends.

While other companies boast about "military grade" products, DuraBrite lighting products are true high-reliability hardware. The design philosophy, material choices, assembly techniques, and test methods we use were all field tested for the past 50 years in the defense, aerospace, and space fields.

Nobody ever comes close. Ruggedness runs in our DNA.

The Durabrite Approach

When your life depends on a product, it'd better work at the flip of a switch. But designing and producing a product that “just works” is no small feat.

The design team needs a thorough understanding of the problem they need to solve, and must take a multi-disciplinary approach to define the design margins of each respective field, which is key to successful, high reliability products.

Here at DuraBrite, we have experts in both 2D and 3D mechanical design and structural engineering, material science and engineering covering polymers, metallurgy, and ceramics, thermal engineering in both simulation and test methods, power electronics including component selection, control circuitry, and PCB designs, electrical engineering for design and test fixtures, optics simulations and testing, and process engineering to cover manufacturing methods.

We never allow for armchair engineering and everything we do has to be based on science and data. Each feature, no matter how small, is tested over and over until they meet our stringent design criteria.

When failure isn’t an option, you can rely on DuraBrite: reach out and we will find the perfect solution for you!

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Military Strength

Having worked with General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, and Boeing, DuraBrite Engineers know how to develop custom products to meet your needs.

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