DuraBrite Showcases "Dual Mode" Tech at Seaworks in Europe

DuraBrite Showcases "Dual Mode" Tech at Seaworks in Europe

SOUTHAMPTON, HAMPSHIRE, UK – June 9, 2023 – DuraBrite Lights will be displayed at Seawork, Europe’s largest commercial marine and workboat exhibition, by its European distributor, SLX Group. DuraBrite is proud to say that its new feature, the Dual-Mode for the Nano Series, will be included in the Innovation Competition.

Seawork features showcases, competitions, awards, training, and more, serving as an ideal space to connect with and learn from crucial members of the marine industry. As a trusted provider of innovative lighting solutions for the marine industry, DuraBrite Lights is proud to be presented by the SLX Group to expand further into international waters.

DuraBrite has recently released the Dual Mode version of its smallest unit, the Nano Series, enabling users to switch between different colors and modes. These custom features allow a wide variety of options in terms of usability and application for different industries. It is truly exceptional to see this product’s innovation recognized at Seawork.

“The range of unit sizes available enable DuraBrite floodlights to cater to a wide variety of applications, from large vessels to small pleasure crafts, from industrial construction sites to private motor vehicles,” says Caterina Zucca, Marketing Analyst at SLX Group.

DuraBrite is honored to be included in this exhibition and recognizes SLX Group’s hard work to bring DuraBrite Lights’ innovative lighting solutions to marine industries overseas. Seawork is a glimpse into the international growth DuraBrite has already experienced and intends to maximize in the coming months.


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