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Now it comes in Qty40, hence price is lower ! 

(prior supplier packaged Qty50 in a box).

The coronavirus pandemic is now affecting hundreds of thousands of people around the world and the number of cases in America is increasing exponentially. 


The Durabrite Experience

Durabrite has been through this first hand when the epidemic first started in China where our manufacturing facility was forced to shut down for two months. Our workers had been living under the severe threats of the infection by this highly contagious disease which can be transmitted human to human most commonly via droplets that contain the virus. And most of all, one can show no symptoms during the incubation period (2-14 days or longer) but can already start to spread the virus to people unknowingly who are in close contact with you.  


Why Do You Need this Mask

We love this country and all of our customers. We are here to offer you the protection you may need. These are the same grade of masks worn by our factory workers throughout the epidemic in the past 2 months. While it does not offer the same level of protection as the N95 respirators, it will be your first line of defense and absolutely help reduce risk of contracting the disease or spreading it. You don't want to infect your loved ones if you unfortunately have become a carrier and you are not aware of it until it's too late.

Protect yourself. Protect your loved ones. Protect this country. Start wearing your mask today. Durabrite is here to go through this tough time with you.  



2 packs of Qty40 Masks total 

Manufacturing Environment

Automation line in Class 100k Cleanroom

We may supply equivalent brands of same quality due to a surge in demand for timely delivery



Do not reuse. Wear duration 4-hour maximum.