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Why Do You Need this Mask

This 4-layer mask is a step up from the 3-ply surgical mask because it seals around your face better and has a filtration efficiency of >95%. If you need to work and/or cannot exercise social distancing of 6 ft apart, this will offer you more protection than the regular surgical mask or cloth mask. 


Protect yourself. Protect your loved ones. Protect this country. Start wearing your mask today. Durabrite is here to go through this tough time with you.  



1 box of Qty10 Masks total 

FDA Registered Model:  Z40086 KN95 Protective Mask

Product Code / Regulation Number:  KHA / 868.5590

Manufacturing Environment

Manufactured to meet and exceed GB-2626-2006 standard. 

Automation line in Class 100k Cleanroom.

Public company: Guangdong Chunxia New Materials Tech Co. Ltd

FDA Establishment Registration Number: 3016625017 



Do not reuse. Wear duration 8-hour maximum.