Durabrite Discount Card with 20% Off with No Expiration Date

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Can't decide which model to buy right now but want to take advantage of a substantial discount when there is no Sales Event?

Get a Durabrite Discount Card. It can be had for $200 (for a $250 value) or for $500 (for a $625 value). A great way to shop for something special for the holidays or an occasion for your loved ones, family, or friends. Give them the gift of choice with the Durabrite Discount card that will never expire and has no processing fees. The dollar value will be applied to your cart at checkout. 


* A beautiful physical card with a one time discount code on the back will be mailed to you. It won't be activated until January 15, 2020.


The fine print:

Please note the 20% discount will apply only to MSRP's and not already discounted prices. Should there be a Sales Event ongoing that offers less than 20% off of any item, and the discount code is being used at checkout, the total discount applied will be adjusted to aggregate to a total of 20%, but not more.