All fishermen, whether commercial or recreational, know that following the fish is the best practice, no matter what time of day it is. Right at the crack of dawn or a few hours deep into the night, the best fishing never comes easy. Luckily, Durabrite can make their lives safer by providing high quality and bright luminaires. Even for seasoned veterans, navigating in or out of the marina can be a challenge without proper lighting.

Even in the middle of the day, weather on the ocean is always prone to change, so having a reliable way to navigate increases the safety of the entire crew. Garmins and Furuno radars are alway helpful, but having the assurance that the path is clear and well-lit will put a fisherman’s mind at ease. DuraBrite luminaires are meant to be complementary to radar, so all fishermen can be as safe as possible when out on the water.

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