Recreational Marine Lighting

For sport fishermen, water sportsmen, and those looking to simply cruise on the open water, DuraBrite extends your day by providing a safe way to get home. On foggy days, our lights provide the sharpness needed to cut through the haze and navigate with ease. Finally, we create strong deck visibility when approaching the docks.

The Common Case

The vast majority of recreational fishermen use pan tilt or light bars that don’t provide adequate light output or beam width, suffering high amp draw as well. DuraBrite has outfitted countless recreational vessels with far superior products, featuring a generous 20-degree beam spread to make navigation simple.

Key Benefits

  • Fuel Savings
  • Far More Effective Optics than Light Bars (Advantageous Form Factor)
  • Higher ROI after Sunset on the Vessel Itself 
  • Effective in Raising Baits
  • Peace of Mind on the Water (Safety)
  • Peace of Mind Navigating Dark Marina (Safety)
  • Industry-Leading Customer Support

Looking to upgrade your boats with marine lighting from DuraBrite?

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