Diffusing Lens

 A Must Have to turn Any Spot into Flood in Seconds !

Custom Fit Design

Beautiful Custom Fit Design


  • The DuraBrite diffusing lens utilizes advanced diffuser technologies to achieve a unique combination of high light diffusion yet a high light transmission simultaneously.

  • The lens achieves a 77 degree diffusion angle and is impact and UV resistant against yellowing over time. The outer frame is smooth, elastic, and resilient over a wide temperature range and is also UV and sea water resistant. 

  • The diffusing lens produces a high quality, homogeneous, diffused light. It is a perfect accessory to turn any Mini Spot to a Flood and is also indispensable to be used with the Explorer X16 so you can get the long optical range the Spot is famous for or a wide field coverage on-the-go.

  • This product is also perfect for owners who venture to locations with extreme climates and want extra protection for their investment from the elements.

  • Note 1: Please select from the above drop down menu to choose whether you are getting your diffusing lens for the Mini or for the Explorer X16. The two versions have slight differences to give the best fit. 

  • Note 2: This product is currently available in Black Frame only. 


GTIN for Diffusing Lens:
DBDL-GO (Explorer X16) - 00816761021075
DBDL-MINI (Mini/Mini Sport) - 00816761021068

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  • $ 75.00
  • Regular price $ 125.00

DuraBrite Testimonial

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Have had my Durabrites on the boat for a couple of years now and they work flawlessly. The light they produce is crazy and the amp draw is very low. When offshore we have them on all night long and it’s like daylight out there. I have the flood setup and that’s all I needed. Even when we’re docking at night I throw it on. When we’re hanging out at the dock I have it on to light up the dock and the whole parking lot. It was simple to install too. -Captain Rick

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